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DooFlexi is one innovative professional flexitank manufacturers. We offer various standard flexitanks, flexi-bag, and dry bulk container liner for dry cargos, anti-oxidation EVOH wine flexitanks, customized flexitanks and multiply IBC package solution.


We are committed to providing the highest quality flexitanks and logistic solution for bulk liquid storage and transportation. DooFlexi flexitanks are designed, manufactured and tested comply with PAS 1008:2016. Furthermore, the production process is controlled under ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000.


All material and products conform to the industry requirements and regulations. We possess full sets of certificates and approvals, example SGS, Kosher, Halal, CRCC, EC, FDA, HACCP, COA Rail Impact Test.


* DooFlexi the brand of Qingdao Doowin Packaging Co., Ltd


Designed, Manufactured and Tested comply with PAS 1008:2016 & COA Code of Practice


Flexitank is one kind soft, high-strength, light-weight single-use large bladders with valves. It is designed to fit inside general purpose freight standard 20 foot ISO container. It can be used for the bulk transport of non-hazardous liquids that are not classified or regulated as dangerous goods.

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The system used for the transport of liquid commodity. While a flexitank is a single entity,
it operates as part of a system which includes the flexi-bag, its fittings, restraining system.


Top Loading

Bottom Discharge

Top Loading

Top Discharge

Bottom Loading

Bottom Discharge

Standard Flexitank (D4):


  • Inner Layer: 4 PE film

  • Outer Layer: 1 PP outer sleeve

  • Capacity 16,000 ~ 24,000L

  • Three loading/discharge option

  • Top pressure release valve

Eco Flexitank (D3):


  • Inner Layer: 3 PE film

  • Outer Layer: 1 PP outer sleeve

  • Capacity 16,000 ~ 24,000L

  • Three loading/discharge option

  • Top pressure release valve


The Commitment to Quality is Our Top Priority
“Quality is morality, Quality is integrity, Quality is respect to clients”

Quality Assurance

We implement our basic quality philosophies from the design to the inspection.
Designed, manufactured and tested fully compliant with PAS 1008:2016 & COA Code of Practice.


 DooFlexi aim at a high and constant level of quality. In order to ensure the quality of key elements of flexitanks,

we have our unique formula of PE, PP and valves. We are trying to produce the PE and PP film by ourselves technology team.

Other accessories are also bought from the company certificated comply with ISO 9001. The quality assurance systems of

DooFlexi has been approved by international organization in accordance with Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008.
We are proud of the qualification and honor created by our integrated teams, in a variety of different industries.


Wine, Sauce, Jam, Edible Oils, Milk

Malt Extract, Fruitade, Corn Oil, Syrup, Food Additives, Amino Acid, Beer, Sorbitol, Palm Oil, Wineral Water, Palm Oil, Yellow Wine

Industrial Grease

Lubricants, Refined Oil, Mineral Oils, Lubricants Additives, Process Special Oil, Industrial Gear Oil, White Oils, Vegetal Oil, Ricinus Oil, Tung Oil, Glycerin, Biodiesel, Base Oil, Coconut Oil, Transformer Oil, Hydraulic Oil 


Plasticizer, Feed Additives, Polyether, Synthetic Resisns, Silicates, Alkylation Agent, Cleanser, Salt Solutions, Herbicde, Disinfectant, Priting Oil, Natural Latex, Surfactant, Propanediol, Synthetic Latex, Polyalcohol, Glycol


Frequently Asked Questions

After-sales Service


Professional service team with 24-hour emergency response mechanism, to solve all types of flexitank transportation after-sales service problems for customers more quickly and more accurately.

We provide the professional installation and user manual. The worker can well understand the process easily. The clients also can refer below installation video to understand better.

We also have many cooperators and agents around the world to service the local clients timely.

Insurance Claim


We have the product quality insurance from the well-known insurance company, to provide adequate protection for every customer worldwide. The single compensation amount is 5 million US dollar if the loss caused by our product’s quality problem.

We establish the 24 hours emergent emergency response mechanism. Can deal with various emergent accidents of flexitank transportation. Then, provide the professional specific treatment method. The accident compensation can be provided in the client’s local country.




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